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To validate your warranty, Click the Warranty Menu on the home page and complete the Online Form which has the following information.


Since 1963, the Thermobile trademark has stood for excellent quality products and honorable dealings. In these times of unimagined liability and irresponsible litigation, lawyers say our warranty should limit and disclaim any and all liability, if we issue one at all (none is legally required). Nevertheless, we do issue the limited warranty delineated below. More important is our trademark because it may be your best warranty of all. Trust it.


Thermobile & Pay Load Products Company warrants this Insulation System against defects in original materials and workmanship according to the following terms and conditions only; other representations, guarantees, terms, or conditions are not expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise, and none should be inferred because this warranty is expressly in lieu of any other, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness.

1. NO WARRANTY IS OFFERED AGAINST LOSS OR DAMAGE due to any failure in materials, supplies or workmanship, and NO CONTINGENT LIABILITY IS ASSUMED.

2. Company agrees to replace, at no charge to the customer any part that proves to be defective within one year from date of delivery. The useful life of this System is indefinite. This warranty applies to the Insulated Body System. Your refrigeration system is covered under separate warranty issued by the manufacturer. Warranty for service work is limited to 30 days for parts and labor.

2a. Abuse, negligence, unauthorized workmanship, or use of unauthorized parts or supplies voids this warranty.

2b. The Company reserves the right, at its option, to require the customer to return defective parts to the company at his own expense so nature and cause of part failure may be determined. The Company also reserves the right to selectively reimburse customers for such expense without establishing a precedent.

3. The Company agrees to bear all costs of labor for all work done under warranty within one year from date of delivery, providing such labor is performed at a Company Authorized Service Center, or according to a Purchase Order obtained from the Company.

4. Warranty extends to first vehicle owner only.

5. Warranty claims MUST INCLUDE Vehicle Make, Model, VIN number, Serial No., and Refrigeration System Serial No. (All essential for supply of proper parts, etc.) as registered on the web page

6. Time is of the essence of this warranty and runs from date of delivery. Date of delivery is the invoice date, which is also the date the Thermobile unit was removed from Company control.

7. If judicial construction invalidates or alters one or more conditions or terms of this warranty, all remaining conditions or terms shall remain in full force.

8. Your refrigeration system should be serviced every 6 months by a service facility authorized by your refrigeration system manufacturer. Please retain service receipts for service verification



Please save for future reference.

Vehicle Make,


Last 6 digits of VIN number,

Thermobile Serial Number

Refrigeration System Serial Number

To validate your warranty, go to . Click the Warranty Menu  on the home page and complete the Online Form which has the following information.

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Any additional information or comments you are willing to share with us. (None required.)

Be assured none of the information you supply will be sold or shared with any other company except as required to enforce their warranty. From time to time Thermobile may offer specific customer Loyalty incentives programs through an E-mail contact. Thermobile will use the information you provide to contact you in the unlikely event of a product recall.

If you prefer not to use the web address, we still accept “snail mail”. Just send the required information to us and we will take care of the rest.
Thermobile Warranty Registration
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